3 Things That Make A Happy Baby


A newborn has so many essential requirements. However, if you look at the bigger picture, you’d see that there are three major things that are extremely crucial for her happiness and healthy development.


You may have noticed, as parents, how happy and active your little one looks when she has had a nice, long and undisturbed nap during the day. This also true when she gets some food sleep over the nights, too. Sleep is so important for babies to develop in every aspect. The need for quality sleep is more crucial for newborns, and is also important as they continue to grow. Frequently disrupted sleep can cause your little one to be angry, irritated, or just cranky throughout the day.

Many kids have difficulty sleeping for various reasons. Sometimes, the issue can get really difficult to deal with. If you experience such a case with your bub, you may want to look for tips and advice on how to help your baby sleep better. Additionally, if you happen to visit a really good baby shop, you should be able to find various types of interesting products and gear that help babies sleep better. Pacifiers, extra comfy swaddles, baby rockers and cradles proven to be extremely helpful to new babies and parents.


A well-fed baby is the happiest, there is no doubt about that! Whether your baby is on breast milk or formula, you need to make sure she is fed properly and in time in order to ensure she is satisfied and happy. It is not just about the timing of your feeds and the quantity that always matters, but also the environment you create for her and the moods around that contributes to her feeling satisfied and content.

You may have noticed how your little one completely refuses her feed when she is surrounded by noise, too much heat, or a disturbing and unpleasant surrounding. It is important that you do not try to force the feed on her in such situations. Instead, take her to a quieter and calmer corner, make sure she is comfortable, and then offer to feed her. This way, you’d be able to prevent tantrums and difficulties for both you and your bub.

A Comforting Environment

It is important to make sure your baby is surrounded by and exposed to a pleasant and positive environment all the time, and not just during her sleep and feeds. This is extremely important for her healthy physical and psychological development. You need to make sure there is no negativity, unpleasantness, or anything that could have a bad impact on her.

Make sure as parents, you don’t fight and argue in your baby’s presence, and that she does not see or hear disputes or negative gestures. You also need to beware about what you watch on television and what you play on the car radio. Basically, you just need to make sure that whatever she hears or sees is pleasant, positive, and beautiful. That’s the reason you set up her nursery with beautiful items of different, soothing colours and have gentle music ready to play whenever needed.

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