3 Things to Do During your Stay in Canberra

3 Things to Do During your Stay in Canberra


If you’re willing to enjoy some adventures, Canberra might not be the right place for you to visit. There is no doubt that Canberra is one of the popular destinations in Australia but it’s only a suitable place for the intellectuals. The youngsters that are willing to enjoy some parties should opt for some other places. Canberra is commonly known as the country’s political hub and there are several museums and galleries located in this city.

3 Things to Do During your Stay in Canberra

Moreover, it has one of the leading research universities in the world where thousands of students come every year. So, if you’re willing to collect information about the history of Australia, Canberra can be the ideal place for you to visit. Similarly, there are some places in the city where you can explore the beauty of nature from a different perspective.


In this article, we’ll talk about the 3 things you should do during your stay in Canberra. And we hope that you’d be able to make most of your trip with the information we’ve shared below. So, let’s take a look a the 3 things to do during your stay in Canberra.


Parliament House Tour

Parliament House is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of visiting Canberra. Many international visitors take a visit to this beautiful building when they are visiting Canberra. This iconic building is an incredible backdrop for your holiday snaps. The visitors can come to visit the Parliament House from 9 am to 5 pm. It’s a great place for visitors that want to learn important things about the complicated ins and outs of Australia’s political system.


The building also showcases Australian art in a creative way. So, the art lovers must take a visit to this building to add more memories to their collection.


National Zoo and Aquarium

Canberra has a combined zoo and aquarium facility that can make your tour more entertaining. The visitors can pat a rhino, feed a beer, and hand-feed a giraffe when visiting this Zoo. You’d hardly be able to enjoy such an amazing experience elsewhere. The visitors can also enjoy deluxe accommodation and special safari itineraries at Jamala Wildlife Lodge.


Namadgi National Park


Namadgi National Park is an incredible place for those who want to spend some amazing moments with their family. At this park, you can find rugged granite mountains and colorful birdlife. The beautiful rural and regional scenery also allows you to create some amazing memories.

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