Federal Elections, Are Kicked Off By Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten, For Their Campaigns

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It was reported that on 11th August, 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison makes his appearance to Canberra from Morrison. The sole purpose of this trip, according to the reports, is to meet governor general in the morning for the discussions over elections. Some of the news sources confirmed, that Mr.Morrison will implement and process the 18 may day, as an election day. Scott Morrison, take off from Melbourne at mid night and winged into the nation capital’s in the morning for a deliberation.

However, the following evening, Mr.Morrison clears the confusion in the air and our mind spectrum, when he posted a brief 2 minutes video on his social media account confirming about the commencement of an election campaign. In the video he gave a very profound message while talking about his visions for Australia. He posted.

“I’m proud of how far our country has come over the past few years. And I know there is still more work for us to do to make life better for all Australians. My vision for Australia is about everyone having the chance to realize their fibril. The poll for election is likely to be set on 18th May, as per Prime Minister, Mr Morrison.

Prime Minister, Mr.Scott And Labor leaders, bill shorten mutually agrees for an election 2019 for their respective campaigns. Mr Bill started states that:

“This election will be very straightforward”.

The opposition between two parties could be perceived easily. Mr Morrison on a one hand, plays his economical strategy stating that, our economy needs to be strong know the future for our betterment, and we, with our election campaigns working and striving for this if you choose us. You have a very clear choice. While on the contrary of it, Bill responded, “I’m ready for a fair go”, further asking for the peers support, “who’s with me”?

Could sense a opposition between two for each others views? Yeah, definitely they both are playing their strategies to win over people for the votes.

An ACT Of Seats:

According to the new ACT seat, 151 MPS will be elected. It was also added in the Act, that half of Australia’s 76 senators will also be a part of election. If any party would be succeeded in getting 76 seats in the house of representatives, they would win a majority of government.

The Essence of elections, 2019:

  • An election would be a half senate and half full house.
  • There would be 151 seats, rather than 150 due to the fact of population growth in Australia.
  • An elections would be held under new house of representatives seat boundaries. Well, the updates are being made on different times over this topic. They’re are more like battling with words to convince people, on social media. You can over view their twitters accounts.

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