Giving Your Car the Best Care: What You Should Know


Have you finally gotten your very first car, and you’re ready to take it for a wash/service for the very first time? Here are a few simple basics you’d know about before you take your car to the cleaners.

The Interior


Depending on the type of your car, and the model, you can either have leather seats, or those of other types of fabric. It’s important to use a good cleaning agent to give your seats a nice fresh look, but most importantly, one that does not cause any damage to your seat. Your experts would certainly know what the best products are, nevertheless, it’s important that you have some idea, too. Ideally, a good service centre will use the best and the safest products on your precious car.


Carpets are usually vacuumed and then cleaned in different ways. Again, you need to know the type of carpets you’ve got in your car, and what’s the best way to have it cleaned. If you don’t, always let the experts deal with it and tell you what’s best. These folks should have the best quality car cleaning products to meet varying needs.


Your dashboards and other plastic sections of the interior will have to be polished to remove stains and dust. This again, will be done using cleaning products that are safe. It also needs to be cleaned in the right way especially because the switches and knobs on these sections shouldn’t be caused any damage while cleaning. That’s why you only allow the experts do it.

The Exterior

Polishing and Wax

It is entirely up to you whether you want to get a quick wash done on your car, or a detailed cleaning job. Polishing and waxing are usually done upon request, or when you take your car in for a full service. The experts will examine the exteriors of your vehicle and then decide what to use and how to polish/wax its surface.

Windscreen and Glass Cleaning

Cleaning the windscreen and windows of your car requires expertise. Doing it inappropriately can cause damage, gradually, which may not become apparent for a while. It’s important to pay attention to things like the type of cloth used to clean the glass, and the method of cleaning. These little things can actually affect the condition of the exteriors.

Tyres and Rims

If your car is in for a proper service, your tyres and its rims will be polished with the right products, too. They’ll also be examined for air pressure and tyre quality/condition. That’s another great thing about having experts clean and service your car: they’d examine each section they lay their hands on, and give you an overview of the current condition of your car, and if there are concerns to be addressed.

Owning a car certainly is something to be proud of, especially when you’ve bought one with hard/earned money. However, it isn’t ownership alone that makes you proud, but knowledge about your car which will help you give it the best care.

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