Health Programs Vs Healthy Employees In Your Workplace


Did you ever think of the larger picture? Where your company actually has an impact on the families of your employees? And even on the communities as a whole? Your organization has its own core values, mission and vision and those values will include the caring of those who support your company.  Let’s see the importance of having health programs at your work place.

Wellness Programs Help To Improve The Employee’s Health Behaviors

The very core of a good wellness program is the changes of behavior in the work place. With the right social support, right tools, right skills, right motivation, right education employees change their behavior. These programs are good at helping people adapt themselves to healthy behaviors.

Healthy behaviors in employees leads to lower risks in health, which lowers the risks which lead to chronical diseases which ultimately leads to health care costs! All the same not every health care program can generate positive results, but the programs that are follow models that are effective in behavioral changes and are organized generate effective results.

Wellness Programs Helps To Reduce The Employee’s Health Risks

Every health program should be focused on assisting employees to adopt healthy habits. Diseases and conditions such as high blood glucose or high cholesterol or high blood pressure are caused as a result of lack of exercise or unhealthy diets.  Eating and also exercising are behaviors.

Many kinds of research have proven that even changing into healthy behaviors and habits for a small period such as six weeks can reduce health risks. When employees change their diet, avoid alcohol and tobacco, the risks of having diseases drastically reduce and work mental wellbeing is achieved.

Wellness Programs Helps To Reduce The Health Care Costs

The Impact Of Reducing The Health Care Costs Dramatically Depends On How Effective The Health Program Is.  Only Programs That Can Actually Improve The Behavior Of Employees Will Experience A Bend In The Health Care Cost Curve. Mostly They Will Notice The Savings Are Greater From The Participation Of Programs Than The Initial Cost Of The Program.

Wellness Programs Help To Improve The Employee’s Productivity

Poor Productivity Of Employees Is Like Even Though Employees Are Physically Present They Are Not Actually Working. The Poor Productivity Is Also Known As Presenteeism. Researches Have Proven That The Cost Related To Presenteeism Is Actually Two To Three Times Greater Than The Direct Expenses In Health Care.

Wellness Programs Help To Decrease In The Employee’s

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There are many reasons that make effective wellness programs decrease the absenteeism rate in a company. For example, employees with healthy behaviors and employees who are able to control their stress and employees who have healthy blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol and employees who aren’t overweight neither obese have a low absenteeism rate.

A fact is, a healthier office can make an effective impact on the entire community in the surrounding areas. Employees don’t work in isolation and harboring a healthy environment can boost greater Impact even at their homes.

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