What to Do When You Have an Accident


Having a road accident is not something that anybody wants to get into but it does happen sometimes. It’s not always your fault either. You could be the safest most responsible driver in the world and still run into an accident because of the irresponsibility and carelessness of the other party. But knowing what to do and what not to do makes all the difference between getting yourself out of a rather messy situation and handling the next steps correctly. It can be harrowing to go through an accident but here are some of the main things that you should think about if you do.

Make Sure That Everybody Is Safe

Your number one priority after an accident should be to ensure the safety of you and other passengers in your vehicle. In fact, you should make sure that the people in the other vehicle are safe too. it is the right thing to do and with quick action you can get everybody to safety especially if it looks like the fuel tanks have been damaged in the process. If the accident is not major you will not have to worry too much about any of this but otherwise make sure that you get the right medical help immediately. Your health comes before everything else so don’t take that for granted. Call up the paramedics if you have to.

Take Pictures Before Towing the Vehicle

When it comes to damages in your vehicle you will need to have solid proof for anything from claims to repairs going forward so make sure that you take the pictures that you need without moving the vehicle from its place. You can then look for a towing assistance in Gisborne, Kyneton and surrounds depending upon where you have met with the accident.

Towing help is important because most of the time, after an accident has happened you will not be able to drive the vehicle and unless the damage is something as simple as a dent on a side or a scratch on the door you should not attempt to drive either. Even if that was the case, give yourself enough time to calm down and for the adrenaline to die off before you start handling your vehicle again. You will be shaken up and that is necessarily not a good situation for you to drive your vehicle in again.

Call the Insurance and Other Such Parties

Now you will need to start making those all-important calls. The authorities would have most probably arrived at the scene of the accident when it happened but you will also need to call up your insurance and have them send a representative over to assess the damage that has happened and see what they can do in terms of giving you a claim to cover for the cost of the damage repairs that have been incurred. If it was the fault of the other party, you should note down their insurance details so that they can give you the compensation for the repairs and replacements that you will need to do.




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